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Hey guys!

I've been quiet on here but whoooooo things have not been quiet on my end. I finally got moved into my new work space. Annnnnnd I now have two whelps! Yes I had a baby back in July and have been running ever since!

Having two kids is mega different and mega hard, but omg I think I might actually be enjoying having a babby a little more this time around, esp with all the new mom jitters waay in the past.

I only had a little time to work on the next page of The Guardians, I've got some linework going but thats it. Sometimes I feel like maybe I fuss with it a little too much and actually getting it done would be much better than making sure all the details are right and taking forever to post. I wanted to go into the lore of Abyssia (omg dun say that nameeee) and the Celestial Guardians. Illuminus and Cosmos are probably my most popular OC's and I get requests all the time from people wanting to use them in their story and OMG YES please do it is so awesome to see them in other works!

Things I want to include in the comic: The Oracle, Water dragons, Wind dragons (yus i know they're dead), the Chronicler, Cyril's Mom (yes she is still around), Kindle's Dad, more of Lasair, the Twin Princes Tick and Tock, and freaking Zombie Malefor... many whelps handle it!

Sometimes I really would like to do some more 'sketch stories' involving the comic with a quick sketch and scenario, those are super fun to do.
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Apologies for not being very active on this site as of late. (Anyone else have problems leaving a tab open with dA only to have it start spamming your comp!?)

You will not believe the hellish past few months I've had. Some may know I was doing construction on my house to add on some space. One of these spaces is a work space for me and the other a room for my kiddo. It was a crazy amount of work because whatever we could do ourselves we did, although since my hubby works long days I got stuck doing some of the items on the list for finishing the space on my own. Let me tell you, painting, cutting and laying carpet while you are pregnant is NOT EASY!!!! I even had an incident where I had to crawl up into my attic to run some more electrical stuff which is already not easy but made super not easy by being prego while trying to do it.

ANYWAYS It seemed things had finally gotten calmed down, most of the work was done, I didn't have people going in and out of my home constantly and I was able to start moving stuff into my new space when we notice that our dang water heater is leaking....and had been leaking for a LONG TIME APPARENTLY! The thing was ancient and had decided to go out making us remember it forever. The fact that my water heater was located in a central utility closet did not help us out any either as we had to rip out a crap ton of walls that were water damaged and had MOLD growing on them! DISGUSTING!! The water had seeped so badly underneath the wall to the bathroom next door the entire bathroom had to be ripped out and redone save for the toilet which luckily can't be destroyed by water. I also had to rip out a cabinet and part of the wall in my kitchen also, and my stove was even out of commission for a while when we pulled it out and noticed the cord had gotten crimped and needed to be replaced and all but ONE SCREW would come out of the cord assembly.

This is just the kind of things that happen when you are a homeowner ... and I'm glad I have a home....even if it keeps trying to kill me.

'The Guardians' have been on hold for a while for good reason as every free moment I had was pretty much 'Great, what went wrong now?' in addition to other things. I am dying to work on has just got me in a bit of a choke hold right now.
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Hi everyone!

So I have kind of a big announcement to make. I'm sure some of you already know I'm a Mom and all, but I recently found out I am expecting again! My six year old daughter is really excited about having a little brother or sister and getting to be a big sister herself.

That being said ... anyone want a commission? lol. Etsy sales have been slow lately, and I'm in 'panic work mode'.

I'm offering up three slots right now for colored portrait commissions at $20 USD a piece. EDIT: Currently Full! THANK YOU!!!!

Want one? Here's what to do:

1. Comment here to get a slot on the list. First come, first serve!
2. Tell me what character you would like me to illustrate for you, and please include a reference for said character.
3. Have a Paypal account, I will send you an invoice via Paypal for the commission, I take payments upfront.

1. AshDragon93 - complete
2. SoronaDragon - complete
3. PetroBeherha - complete

Examples of portraits:

Kindle V2 by DragonCid Divine Divination by DragonCid Malefor's Entrapment by DragonCid Elora by DragonCid Kindle Portrait by DragonCid The Dream Weaver by DragonCid The Last Time Dragon by DragonCid

I also have ready made handmade gifts in my Etsy store, I can ship worldwide!

Dragon Trio by DragonCid Chromatic Prince Dragon by DragonCid Classic Spyro Necklace by DragonCid

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Got a message this morning that someone is masquerading as 'Official Kindle' on Instagram. This is NOT me and I'm certainly confused as to what this person is doing. You wanna RP as Kindle thats one thing but don't make an account that says 'official' when thats an 'official' lie.

That account is not me and has NOTHING to do with Kindle or my comic!

Hai guys!

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 8:13 AM
I haven't been active in what.. a couple months or so??? I lost track lol.

I've been gearing up for a convention in the coming month, also did two small ones in the interim. In other news my Seester is getting married! And I'm the matron of honor! Yay! So I've been helping her with things and such.

In other news I redesigned a couple of my artworks as t-shirt designs (and stickers!) and I have them available on Redbubble:…

I will be working on some more designs for tees in the future.

Kindle: Hey wait! What about me!?

Cid: What?

Kindle: When are you going to finish telling my story?

Cid: Uh... Hey look an egg theif!

Kindle: Where!?

*Cid dashes away* See you in two moooonnnnthssss!

Kindle: Cid?

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The Guardians Update!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 2, 2015, 9:52 AM
Hey guys!

First of all I wanna say thanks to all you guys who've hung around and still look at my art and journal here. I have not abandoned dA, despite some rumors. My lack of activity is fairly simple, for those of you who don't know I'm a Mom! Maybe some of you didn't even know I was a girl?? XD

I know there are LOTS of people who follow my comic 'The Guardians', never fails to surprise me that so many people follow and love my comic, thats just the best and i feel so honored!! Believe it or not I STILL work on it.. I know I know very very long time between pages. But it was as recent as last week i was working on it... when I can get a moment of time that is!

I think about the story line a lot, so I have not abandoned it. It's something I really enjoy doing. I used to have soooo much more time to work on it. =(

That being said most of my time is now spent either raising my kid and taking care of my family OR putting everything into my Etsy shop--which I try to work super hard on! Takes time to make and photograph and list all those items, not to mention shipping! I want to contribute to my family, and earning a little bit on Etsy even though it is not much means a LOT to me because it means I am contributing to my family.

So I have a question for you guys! Knowing that it takes a lot of time to make a comic, would you be alright with the possibility of a non-colored (black and white) comic??? I'd take a poll but I no longer have premium membership. ^_^;;;

Thanks so much to all you guys again!


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Are you ready for Halloween?

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 11:24 AM
Can't wait for the weather to start cooling off!! I've been very busy continually making a mess in my house to create, photograph, and list for sale several items for my Etsy store. Since this is my only form of income I really do try to put as much effort as I can into it, and I tend to ship things ASAP (just check my reviews!). Please feel free to share the link with anyone who might be interested, I could use the exposure, sometimes it just seems like no-one knows about my store.

I spent a lot of monies on special additives and such for my resin so I could provide the absolute best eye catching items! Everything is made by hand by me, and I've got loads of stuff that would be great for Halloween!

Here's the link to my store --> The Dragons Horde

Dragon Draenai Horns by DragonCid So GLOOOWY! by DragonCid Luna Glow Ornament by DragonCid Spyro and Cynder Ornaments by DragonCid Nightfury Sketchbook Detail by DragonCid <<--- Just a few examples of things in the store, please visit the link to see more! I have those horns in several colors, I also have antler clips!

I'm sure some of you are probably sick of hearing me plug my store, so sorry for that >_<; I really don't mean to be rude.

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Hi guys! I want to say thanks for all the really nice comments I've been getting about my artwork here on dA! Thanks so much!

Guess what?? My kiddo just started her first day of school today! ... I feels old.

Status of The Guardians Comic: Still working on inking the next page, dont know how long it will be till its out.

As a side note I wanted to show you guys some of the goodies I have in the shop here. Summer sales have been very slow. But please come take a look, or maybe tell your friends if you see something they might like. MLP:Evil fluttershy 

Spyro and Cynder Ornaments by DragonCid Spyro and Cynder Ornament Set

Luna Glow Ornament by DragonCid Princess Luna Glow Ornament ::GLOWS!::

Spyro Ornament by DragonCid Translucent Spyro

Dragon Draenai Horns by DragonCid Dragon Hair Clips GLOWS! ::GLOWS!::

Nightfury Sketchbook Detail by DragonCid Toothless Nightfury Blank Sketchbook

MLP Night Stars Themed Book Stash by DragonCid My Little Pony Unicorn Faux Book

Cynder Book Stash by DragonCid Cynder Faux Book --Please do not ask for me to reserve this item for you.

Also check out my Facebook,… I do post some WIP and things there too.
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Hi guys!

Soooo I have decided its probably about time to replace my drawing tablet. I currently have a Wacom Bamboo tablet, I've loved it so much I've already replaced it once with a super pricey used 20 dollar replacement via Ebay. lolz.

I don't have a huge budget, but I would like to upgrade to something a little nicer, and preferably something that comes with some software that might be a step up from the dinosaur Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 that my previous tablet came with--its a good program dont get me wrong-- but I would like to update just a bit lol. The other thing is my current tablet has both the pen and the mouse, and I've realllly gotten used to using that mouse along with the pen and I've noticed the newer ones don't seem to come with the mouse-- has that been an issue for anyone, or is it easy to use the pen/ finger (for the touch pads) in place of using a mouse?

BTW I still use a 'grandpa box' good ol fashioned PC with that big box and big screen.

Any input would be appreciated!
I've been around on DeviantART now for about 8 years! Since joining I've been able to connect with other artists that share the same passions as me, as well as learn a lot!

Dragon Aspects by DragonCid

I love sculpting! My dragon heads were really liked on here, I even received a DD for them! Which totally made my day!! It encouraged me to do more sculpting.
Dragon Head Compilation by DragonCid
Which I did!...

Another Murloc Babby by DragonCid
Even Murlocs!

Babby Murloc Head by DragonCid
More Murlocs!

Taxidermied Murloc Head by DragonCid
Scary Murlocs!

Contest Entry: Luminai-Ligunai by DragonCid
I also had a chance to work on my digital art, which I have received NO formal training in... I've had to teach myself everything, but I gotta tell you DeviantART has some great tutorials from some talented artists that helped me along the way.

Good Times by DragonCid Fly with me by DragonCid

I even got to start doing some commissions for some really cool people all over the world!

Honor Guard by DragonCid Exodous by DragonCid

But definitely one of the best things about DeviantART are some of the encouraging comments you can get. Sometimes as an artist you really NEED those, especially if your close friends and family just dont get what you have done and worked so hard on. Gotta do what you love right??

I gotta say for the past 8 years deviantART has been a big part of my life! Without it... well I don't even want to think of that! It seems like lately people have been leaving deviantART for other sites, but none will be as good in my opinion for connecting artists to one another.
Only for my deviantart peeps! Enter coupon code DEV2014 to get 10% off of your order! Please check out my store:…

I need to raise some funds before the convention coming up. I've spent WAAAY too much on supplies lately. =(

So sorry to my international peeps but at this time I'm only shipping to the US. ='(

Stuff for sale in my store!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 2, 2013, 10:16 AM
Just wanted to share with you guys a sampling of some of the things available in my store right now! Please check it out or share it if you have the time. =) I know some of these things would make pretty unique gifts!

Ghast Scarf by DragonCid <- Minecraft Ghast Scarf w/ free creeper pin! Free Shipping!!!…
Moogle Maneki Neko by DragonCid <- Maneki Neko Moogle Free shipping!…
  Maneki Neko Cat by DragonCid  <- Maneki Neko Figurine…
  DJ PON3 BLING BLING by DragonCid <-DJ Pon3 Ornament or Magnet…
  Scary Nightmare Moon by DragonCid <-Nightmare Moon painting Free Shipping!…
Leopard Gecko painting by DragonCid <-Leopard Gecko painting Free shipping!…
  Spring and Summer Dragons by DragonCid <- Set of two paintings Free Shipping!…
Fox Hair Clip by DragonCid <- Japanese Fox Clips…
  Sakura Hair Clips by DragonCid <- Sakura Clips Free Shipping!…
Moonkin Horns by DragonCid <-Moonkin Horns… ALSO Deer antlers and Dragon horns!!!

Don't forget to check out my shop for some Halloween goodies!

I have horn hair clips for fun and cosplay! Several colors and styles available so if you would like a pair get them now in time for Halloween!

Candy corn, black w/ red, and blue dragonhorns:…

Red, Green, and Purple dragon horns:…

Red, green, and blue CURLY dragon horns:…

Deer Antlers:…

Moonkin/Owlbear Antlers:…

Japanese Kitsune (fox) hair clips:…

Also Japanese cherry blossom clips!… <--FREE SHIPPING ON THESE!

Sorry but unfortunately I only offer shipping to United States..


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 16, 2013, 7:47 AM
For a limited time in my shop I will be offering free shipping on most items shipped within the U.S.!!

Please come check it out!

The Dragons Horde

I'm back!

Okay guys, that's right I'm alive. I have some serious explaining to do on what happened to me. I feel TERRIBLE that I made you guys worry and honestly I am so touched at how many people were worried about me. Thank you so much.

Long long story short I had a moment where I felt like everything I had done had not really accomplished anything. I was breaking even on a lot of commissions and when I realized I had been spending so much time working and missing sleep for what I thought was helping my family financially wasn't doing much I kinda just fell apart. I felt I was a total failure at everything. I fell behind on my notes on dA, I did NOT have the intention of blowing anyone off/ignoring them. I just couldn't answer. I've been going through some serious blues and I've felt SO GUILTY for not being on dA and talking to you guys.
So I will not be doing anymore commissions anymore guys, not that I don't love doing them, its just I like to put a lot of time into each one, and unfortunately I just don't have that time anymore. I'm trying to give my daughter as much time as I can to ready her for school since I am at home with her all day. I haven't stopped doing art completely; in fact I have started an online shop on Etsy where I sell some of my art and sculpture. Please check it out if you would like.…

The Guardians Comic: I know a lot of people are wondering about my comic and if it will continue. Good news is I love this comic and I really want to continue it. Bad news is I don't know when I will be able to work on it.

So I got home today and there was a mailing tube at my back door. I was really puzzled when I saw it was from Deviantart, I couldn't believe when I opened it someone had bought me a print off of my wishlist…

There was no note on who this was from, but whoever you are thank you thank you thank you so much. I was really touched by this …and it made me realize it was time to finally come back to dA. Thank you guys for putting up with the giant idiot who is me.
Hey guys!

I am having a little sale on some of my sculptures, I currently have three I am trying to sell.

Bronze Dragon: Bronze Dragon by DragonCid Edit SOLD!!!!
Emerald Dragon: Emerald Dreamer by DragonCid…
Murloc Trophy: Murky by DragonCid…

Please check it out if you are interested, I am trying to raise some funds to get my daughter a big-girl bed. =)
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Hey guys!

I am happy to say a shirt design I submitted to J!NX (popular geek/gamer clothing website) made it to the voting page!!!… <== Please go and vote for my design so it can be made into a shirt!

And here's the original picture I used for my design in my gallery =>

Thank you so much if you go and vote for me! =D
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Tech advice?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 24, 2012, 9:43 AM
Hi there guys!

I would love to get some advice from you guys. I am not nearly up to date on the latest tech stuffs, mainly due to budget, but I am making an investment in a tablet that I can take with me to do some drawing on the go. It would be great for my little one because that would mean more time outside =)

What is your opinion?

ipad 2 vs Asus transformer

Which is a better product? The main use for this would be artwork, can Adobe be used with them?

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Digital Art Commissions Open

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 8, 2011, 7:25 PM
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 8, 2011, 7:25 PM
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